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Dentists and physicians agree that oral tissue is a
barometer of overall health.

While many dentists recognize the need for more extensive periodontal treatment in order to maintain overall health and decrease the risk of life-threatening disease, many find it difficult to implement this in a highly impactful way.  Often patients fail to see the urgency for treatment.

The new basic training for your office and your hygiene department starts with attending the No More “Hygiene” seminar. During The 2-day seminar taught by Thomas W. Nabors, DDS and the ToPS Team you will learn…

  • The science behind the oral – systemic connection.
  • The skills and systems that allow you to overcome diagnosis and treatment obstacles in your practice.
  •  Strategies to propel your practice to the forefront of dentistry.
  • Specific treatment modules that target periodontal disease at every stage.
  • Key verbal skills
  • And much, much more.


Drive your hygiene production to an all time high level of success and redefine your practice as a cutting edge leader of the oral health community!


“Without a doubt – GO! You will gain knowledge and understanding about the links between oral and systemic health and that inflammation places a huge role in dental health. Lots of great information that will help start the “conversion” process of your patients.”
Zee Stokes, RDH – Nashville, TN
“Go. Don’t hesitate. Well worth the investment.”
Dale Behner, DDS – Fishers, IN
“I would highly recommend attending the course. I experienced a mind-opening lecture that brought clarity to my view of treating periodontal disease. As a hygienist, I have felt so frustrated doing prophy after prophy with no results.”
Kaitlyn Droessler, RDH – Madison, WI
“I was totally blown out of the water the first time, this was my second time attending….but will return again. All the “extras” were fantastic, especially hearing from the medical world. I’m ready to sign up again, just for that alone.”
George Bare, DDS – Nashville, TN
“…We have been doing very well, and will break even today on everything that we invested on the (NMH) course and the microscope! It looks like our hygiene department is heading toward her best months ever!”
Dr. Paul Koch
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