Team of Thomas W. Nabors, DDS

Change is impossible without the dedication and commitment of a unified team supporting a common goal.  From the business side of the practice, to the assisting team, and through the hygiene department, the team of Dr. Thomas W. Nabors fits this description perfectly.  Not only is this group exceptionally talented, but their ability to dream and explore what is possible sets them apart as truly special.  They prove that it’s not age or years of experience that make you great, it’s the desire to be great.

Business Team:

Dana started her career in dentistry as a front office assistant in an orthodontic practice.  Her career has grown over the last fifteen years, culminating in the role of Office Manager.  A true leader, the Crown Council at the 2011 Annual Event awarded her Team Member of the Year.

Elizabeth started her dental journey eight years ago as a dental assistant. Her impeccable work ethic and drive to accomplish has taken her into a position of office coordinator. From hygiene coordinator, to scheduling coordinator, to jumping in the back to assist, she can do it all.

Assisting Team:

Emily has been in the dental field as a dental assistant since 2008. In four short years, she has become one of the finest assistants Dr. Nabors has ever had. From doing office tours to bacterial cultures for periodontal pathogens, she is willing and able to do anything required for success

Chasity quickly established herself as a winner on the team with her engaging personality and willingness to help wherever she is needed. Not intimidated by the phase contrast microscope, she quickly assimilated to the Modular Periodontal Therapy protocol. She proudly represents the practice as a first class dental assistant.

Hygiene Team:

Tosha has been a dental hygienist for seven years. Her quest for knowledge and skill level is unparalleled in the world of dental hygiene. She has been a leader in implementing Modular Periodontal Therapy and has become one of the highest producing hygienists in the United States – the first member of a hygiene team that has averaged one million dollars a year, two years running.

Trisha’s calm and relaxed style quickly set her apart as an integral piece of the hygiene puzzle. During her time with us she became a mom… twice, but each time came back to work, even when she could have stayed at home. She is an invaluable member of the team.

With her initial experience in dentistry as an assistant and now as a hygienist, Andrea can do it all.  Her incredible ability to diagnose and treat perio, while balancing schedules to create time for the Dr. come in and do restorative in her room, in addition to her “happy to do it” attitude create great success for the practice.

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