Modular Periodontal Therapist

What is a Modular Periodontal Therapist?

A Modular Periodontal Therapist is dedicated to the highest level of early and comprehensive treatment of periodontal disease. Take your skills to the next level and give your patients the benefits of treating disease at the micro-biological level.

Become a Modular Periodontal Therapist by:

  • Learning the basic human inflammatory process and understanding its role in oral – systemic disease.
  • Attending the 2-day No More “Hygiene” training, specializing in detailed Modular Periodontal Therapy® protocols and procedures.
  • Implementing the Modular Periodontal Therapy® treatment protocols, which unlike hygiene school, go beyond the mere cleaning of plaque and calculus.
  • Using the specific treatment modules as prescribed in Modular Periodontal Therapy®.
  • Providing the medicaments to your patients as recommended in the Modular Periodontal Therapy® protocol.
  • Having a Practice Advisor work directly with your team to implement Modular Periodontal Therapy® in your practice.
  • Updating your skills regularly with cutting-edge Periodontal Therapy resources.
  • Attending the annual Modular Periodontal Therapy® update course.

Get started today by taking the first step to become a Modular Periodontal Therapist and help define the future of oral health and wellness.

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